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Change management, from diagnosis to action


When strategic decisions are adopted in the life of a company, it isn´t always easy to get them understood, accepted and applied by the employees. Implementing in-depth change is a specialty all its own, one of specific communication techniques adapted to the four categories of reaction when confronted with something new: the “pro”, the “neutral”, the “allied” and the “resistant” employees.


Operational steering of strategic decisions


For a Change Manager, the strategic understanding of decisions is essential, and here Véronique Polet enjoys extensive competencies in the HR, commercial and financial fields. With her experience in leading teams, she adapts the basis, the form and the duration of her communication to each employee. Result: the decisions are accepted and implemented in practice by the entire personnel


These techniques can be used in the event of:


- merger

- restructuring

- reorganization

- moving

- strategic change

- creation of a new product

- introduction of a new service

- opening/closing of a division

- recomposition of the shareholding body…


Crisis management: a rapid implementation of decisions

Unexpected events can disrupt a company´s organization. With her experience as a manager and in the accompaniment of bankruptcies, Véronique Polet possesses the qualities necessary for properly managing a crisis, whether prompted by rapid growth or downsizing.


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